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  • Blackcoin video contest

    Blackcoin video contest

    The BlackCoin community is filled with some of the most creative people in crypto, and now we you will be rewarded for your creativity!!! Starting today we invite you to create a 30+ second video about BlackCoin. It can by anything you like, you decide!!! All entries must be entered by Friday May 2nd to qualify.

  • V2 V2 is now up again, they are running a completely overhauled backend. But you can still use the same address same ports. Scrypt: SHA-256: Stats for main site are not up yet, but we have a temporary stat page here We are working on a complete Frontend overhaul but it will take some time,

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 18

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 18

    MOMENTUM INDICATORS TRENDING POSITIVE 30 MIN CHARTS This time we will use MACD indicators to further analyze the current situation and a potential reversal of patterns. MACD = Moving Average Convergence Divergence Watch these two videos for a quick how to: Part1 Part2 From our previous analysis the charts showed us an uptrend

  • BlackRoad Marketplace

    BlackRoad Marketplace

    Blkroad is an online auction site and marketplace designed for digital cryptocurrencies. You can use Blkroad to buy and sell items using various cryptocoins. Please keep in mind that this is still very early beta stage, which means there probably are some big bugs around. Many markets Blkroad gives you the ability to sell your

  • The BlackCast – The first ever BlackCoin Podcast

    The BlackCast - The first ever BlackCoin Podcast

      There is a lot going on in the world of BlackCoin and we are sure you have lots of questions for us. To address these we want to start a weekly / bi-weekly podcast where you can ask YOUR questions to the devs and/or community members. We’ll make a live stream ( and also

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 17

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 17

    MEDIUM-TERM DOWNTREND VS SHORT-TERM UPTREND I will introduce a new tool and will show you how Fibonacci tools work as a group to provide information of future price movements and Risk-Reward ratios. First we use Fibonacci Retracement tool to see the status in this short term uptrend from 23.5K. We click on high of 29.5K

  • Buy Truffle oil

    Buy Truffle oil

    The Truffle Maestro is the leading supplier of Truffle Aroma or 2 4 Dithiapentane used for making truffle oil and other truffle infused products. Truffle Aroma is used in all retail truffle oils usually blended with Olive Oil. We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Blackcoin & Dogecoin payments. All prices include free shipping worldwide &

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 16

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 16

    SELLERS CONTINUE TO PRESSURE  -STILL TRAPPED BY SELLERS We are trapped by BIG sellers while smart buyers set their low-priced buy-walls at critical support levels. From a trading perspective the 27K low is critical and if broken could cause a sell-off to 25K, 20K, and maybe even 12K. Some signs of bottoming out are consolidating.

  • Pool will be down for maintenance and security audit.

    Pool will be down for maintenance and security audit.

    The pool will be down for maintenance and a security audit.As some of you may heard, a big string of pools got hacked via a malware coin “dafuqcoin.” Big pools like scryptominers were completely compromised. Our pool is 100% unaffected by the trojan, and we did not get hacked. Even if we were to run

  • Blackcoin Multipool App

    Blackcoin Multipool App

    We have waited long enough for this, but finally it is here! Community member Auspex-nl made two awesome apps for the Blackcoin Multipool. Click here for the Google Play Store Click here for the Windows Phone Store Android screenshots: Windows Phone: