BIG NEWS! BlackCoin New Developments


Hello everyone, I am here to announce current developments within BlackCoin

1) New PoS 2.0 System by rat4 The main man, rat4 himself, has been working hard and diligently on what we dubbed “PoS 2.0″. This new Proof of Stake system will further solve potential attacks to vectors that other currencies are vulnerable to.

2) We are currently working on a new privately developed BlackCoin wallet. This wallet will introduced an exclusive anon and multi signature feature. Also along with that some More features that are yet to be announced but will be Revolutionary. The wallet is Code named “Legionaire”.

3) Dzimbeck, an external developer, is working on a system that will bring smart contracts, decentralized cash/btc/blk markets, anti-malleability and other features.

4) We are now in conversations with a national sales team leader that worked for a very large visa/mastercard point of sale company. He will lead our national introduction to merchants on accepting Blackcoin through Coinkite and through a yet to be announced blackcoin wallet system.

5) It’s about one week until Coinkite will add BLK to their PoS systems. For those that do not understand the importance of this, this will make BlackCoin available in the real world. People will be able to buy BlackCoin directly from the terminals and also buy products directly from shops. In my opinion Coinkite is one of the most important companies in the crypto space right now.

We will be answering questions this sunday on our live BlackCast.

If you have any questions for us please feel free to leave your questions below.

I will See you all on Sunday :-) UBER UBER

Thanks to Wizfarm! Feel free to speak in the reddit thread: here

With this news, the price went from 17000 satoshi to about 29550 satoshi! Will be a good start for the rise up aain.

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