From Community Manager to Community Member

Hi folks! It’s me, Soepkip! Most of you know me or have heard about me as the Community Manager for BlackCoin, a title I’ve gotten bestowed on me during the start of BlackCoin back in February. And since then we have had quite the ride which is not over in a long shot (at least in my humble opinion).

The idea of Crypto Currencies is just starting and we are still in the early stages of it all. Believe me when I say there will be massive growth in this segment over the upcoming weeks, months and years. Bitcoin itself is getting through to the big companies more and more, millions and millions of dollars are being invested in crypto currency based companies and new technologies within this space are being born almost daily.

As for BlackCoin we have a team of people within our ranks that really wants to push BlackCoin forward as the next big thing within the alt coin community. Even after the 6 month point we have a dev that is actively developing new ideas for the Proof of Stake system we use. As devs go rat4 is probably up there in the ranks of the Gavins and the Satoshis of this world. And I say that with much respect. Then comes the rest of the team, with special mentions to Gritt, maarx, McKie, dzimbeck, Jabulon and of course, not to forget, Vizique.

These people have been working daily for the past months to get BlackCoin out there, and with huge success. More and more companies have noticed BlackCoin and additions to bigger services just rely on time. It will happen eventually, i’m pretty confident about that. Additions to Coinkite, Genesis1, CasheerApp and the likes of Holy Transaction and ExpressCoin are to be considered as serious interest from the big boys.

However, for me, personally, I have to make a choice which does not fall lightly. I have gotten a new offer within the crypto space which requires me to drop my title within BlackCoin and become a (somewhat) normal community member. It also requires me to step down from the BlackCoin Foundation. Given my personal situation and my skill set I feel the offer that I’ve gotten fits better for me at this current point in time.

As I said, I will not leave the crypto community and you will still see me around. I have a lot of love for BlackCoin, and where possible I will keep supporting and assisting the BlackCoin community when needed. This is no goodbye in any way.

In some sense me and rat4 started this all and we’ve been through a lot together. Remember the situations with IconicExpert? The BLKHand ‘pastebins’ and many other moments FUD tried to bring us down. We stood there, took it and are still standing.

The price of BlackCoin is just a number at this moment. We, as community, as alternative crypto currency, are here and we are here to stay.

We from DailyBlackcoin want to thank Soepkip for his work in the past 6 months!



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