Prisius Technical Forecast - Falling Wedge

Hello Blackcoin Community,

Despite numerous attempts of dropping. The price has stabilized in the vicinity of 20k – 24k. Here once again how the community is determined in the survivability of Blackcoin in this cluster of cryptocurrency.

The wave of 760k blackcoin sold have not spared the market following the previous price inflation.

At a distant view of our chart (thank you cryptrader), we can see that the price followed a pattern of failing wedge. The falling wedge is a pattern that ends with a bullish output.

Also, here are the different scenario that may occur.

This time, I use some support and resistance as landmarks, fibonacci extensions for predict the next target in case of a bullish output.

fib extension target = 1.618 - 37000 sat


Coincidence or not, our path is a result of numerous attempts in the past. The 42k peak looks like a false break.

To be honest, I do not know what direction the trend will follow. We must observe the progress of this one before judging the situation and take a decision.

Thank you to all. HODOR HODL!




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Hello, i am Prisius. I have been trading since after the subprime crisis. Im also a technophile.
One comment
  1. Ralphvd


    June 30, 2014 at 17:24

    Great looking charts now! Much better than those from bitcoinwisdom!