Prisius Technical Forecast - the calm before the storm

Hello Blackcoin Community !


Im really excited about Blackhalo/Bithalo and Nightrader. It is very pleasing to see a growing community on the way of victory.

Rumors have already had an effect on the value, but it does not surprise me to see that a project of this scale can only bring optimism and raise our prices to heights that I would clarify with you.



The short (blue one) and mid (orange one) moving average have now crossed above my [MA 160] ( the purple one ) on 2h chart. Long as they remain above it will mean an uptrend. The purple line may be available as support.



following fibonacci arc in order to find various rebounds, support are now:

  1. 21450
  2. 22500
  3. 23570

My advice to you is that,  place an order to buy at these levels depending upon the progress and wait.


What makes me crazy, but happy, is the fact that there is no movement, no reaction in the market. The volatility is so low that I fell asleep in front of my pc. Even the bids and ask are stalled and no big btc level incomming.

This is exactly what I predicted, everyone expects a movement.
If you are currently searching forums, reddit, website, irc, teamspeak  everything it’s almost dead!

The reaction you expect will come, probably when the beta bit / BlackHalo be accessible. Its only a matter of time.

Our objectives are shown in the picture below, which means that it could bounce to each of its levels.


Bitcoin and Blackcoin will innovate the world of cryptocurrency… HODL !

Thank you to all !





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Hello, i am Prisius. I have been trading since after the subprime crisis. Im also a technophile.
  1. Craig Claussen

    June 23, 2014 at 13:04

    Thanks for the analysis. Can’t beat a coin that has it’s own tech forecaster! I’m very happy with what I see in the “all” chart on poloniex showing that the support level for BC keeps slowly rising - the recent rebound happened above the .000148 low - support level is almost in a perfect uptrending line. With the upcoming news of Blackhalo, Night Trader, and Stake 2.0 - let’s hope that the resistance line jumps in parallel to the support line rather than the potential symmetric wedge we look to be in. Either way, BC is about to rally hard :)

    Cheers Prisius,

    Craig Claussen

  2. Prisius

    June 26, 2014 at 22:35

    I am really happy for you all. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your feedback.

    Also now we have a new chart on that include trading view chart.
    Now it is time to make some real chart.