The BlackCoin Music Video Release and Contest

The BlackCoin music video contest

After many months of preparation, planning and creative work Jabulon (@JabulonCryptoBC) and the members of North Coast based in NYC have finished the BlackCoin music video.

The objective of the BlackCoin Music Video is to raise awareness of digital currency concepts to the non-technical masses. This is good for all of crypto and so everyone is welcome (and requested) to take part in this competition regardless of your favourite coin!

The next step is using the power of the community to help us distribute the link in a competition.


• Each person who wants to get involved gets a unique URL to distribute that will keep track of clicks.

• Each person participating must submit username and e-mail to the coordinators (below).

• Competition ends in 2 weeks from release of video.

• Winners will have 2 days to claim on finish date.

The Golden Rule

• No fake clicks. Each unique link will be monitored and judged for plausibility of illegitimate views.


While this is an experiment, we are flexible in how much prizes will be given away. To start 2,000 BC on physical CoinKite cards will be given away to the top 5. The larger this gets, the more prizes will become available.

The leaderboard will be updated daily until the competition ends and will be announced at @CoinBlack.

Distribution for Top 5

#1 - 40% of prize pool + CoinKite Card + “Music Video Legend” BLK Feed badge

#2 - 25% of prize pool + CoinKite Card + “Music Video Rock Star” BLK Feed badge

#3 - 15% of prize pool + CoinKite Card + “Music Video Pop Star” BLK Feed badge

#4 - 10% of prize pool + CoinKite Card + “Music Video Groupie” BLK Feed badge

#5 - 10% of prize pool + CoinKite Card + “Music Video Groupie” BLK Feed badge

We highly encourage holders to donate to the prize pool if you can not participate. BA767tDbmUCyVGk43UQLdpPrnNaPkh54r9


Below is a list of individuals of where you can get your individual link from.

IRC: Gritt-N-Auld

Twitter: @BlackCoinGritt

E-mail: [email protected]


IRC: McKie

Twitter: @Steven_McKie

E-mail: [email protected]


IRC: Jabulon

Twitter: @JabulonCryptoBC

E-mail: [email protected]

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