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  • Blackcoin’s Multipool Changed Crypto Markets

    Blackcoin’s Multipool Changed Crypto Markets

    If you’re new to trading or just got back from a long vacation may not be familiar with what a multipool is. Blackcoin, which just had one of the most successful runs in crypto currency history, owes a large part of its success to the invention of the multipool. Imagine you’re a miner. You really want

  • Spotting a Blackcoin Whale Has Never Been Easier

    Watching and monitoring whale activity on MintPal and Cryptsy has become somewhat of a fanatical hobby for many Blackcoin holders.  Wild speculations about unusual trade trends and strategic buy/sell wall speculations are pretty much the norm in most BC threads.  Honesty, it sort of drives me nuts… but it’s also oddly entertaining. Needless to say

  • Greed and Crypto Currency

    How greed is holding crypto back In the past two months I have become more and more involved with the crypto community as a whole. From a simple miner to an actual Community Manager for the hottest coin in town: BlackCoin. It’s been a ride, i can tell you. From death threats, random FUD attempts,