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  • BlackCast #2

      This week only: KNC miner promotion threshold to get tickets for the 300Mh/s mining monster, lowered to 5 Gh/s. 

  • Blackcoin Community Reaches out to China.

    Blackcoin Community Reaches out to China.

    China bans Bitcoin, a new opportunity for Blackcoin thanks to community member EcoChav who worked on a translation to potential Chinese investors. Feel free to post this on any Chinese website. What is BlackCoin? 什么叫“黑币” Blackcoin is an amazing new innovation in digital currencies. It is a decentralized currency that boasts a public ledger that

  • BlackCast #2 - This Monday!

    BlackCast #2 - Your Host Wizfarm with: Soepkip, Maarx, TheDogeofWallSt and very maybe a Special Guest! - This Monday we are planning to do the second BlackCoin BlackCast. We will have Soepkip, Maarx and TheDoge as guests and very maybe we’ll add a special guest that has great experience with exchanges. We will answer less

  • Blackcoin directory

    Blackcoin directory is a usefull site where you can find all your needs in a view. If you are looking for Official websites, Exchanges,Merchants, Multipools etc. you can find it on this website! You can check it out here on

  • The BlackCoin Crop Circle Project

    Weeks ago I suggested in IRC that we make crop circles all over the world to promote Blackcoin. We tossed around how we could make it work, how much media coverage it could get, if we could even get farmers to let us destroy their crops in the name of Blackcoin… well, community. The time

  • Blackcoin Charts

    Finally we have our own charts website created by z3r0! Looks really great, check it out on

  • Blackcoin community launches new technology

    Blackcoin community launches new technology

    A member of the blackcoin community has developed a new piece of technology that offers a new level of functionality and convenience for personal users that is unique among most altcoins. The BlackCoin Card, also known as the Cryptocurrency Express (CEX) Card, is a multi-gigabte USB wafer that comes pre-loaded with a wallet and specialized

  • BlackCoin Is Going To Wall Street

    BlackCoin Is Going To Wall Street

    Post from IconicExpert on Bitcointalkforum:   ================= This is an outline of what my wife and I have been planning for a few weeks. Please take a few minutes to read. I have been promising something big in May, and today I have decided to present my project to the community so together we can