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  • BlackCast #3

    BlackCast #3

    News about Coinkite, PoS-v2, blockchain issues, anonimous sendings, and what makes Blackcoin better than the copycoins? Host - Jabulon Special Guest - Bryce Weiner Dev team - Vizique - TheDogeOfWallstreet- Soepkip     Due some technical issues, sound/video starts at 5 minutes. Vizique had technical issues with his microphone.      

  • Introducing BlackHalo, the First Ever Decentralized Currency Exchange

    Introducing BlackHalo, the First Ever Decentralized Currency Exchange

    Introducing BlackHalo! - Blackcoin Decentralize Exchange/SmartContract Service Project Status: Beta Funding: We are now taking donations to help expedite the porting of the system over from the soon to be complete version of BitHalo (same service, but intended for Bitcoin, now BlackCoin must be implemented into the system as well. Both services will release) This is a huge day for BlackCoin community, and a pioneering move forward for Digital Currencies everywhere! DzimBeck (A BlackCoin Community Faithful, Investor, Saint-like Programmer) has been hard at work to create a solution that will decentralize BLK and

  • BIG NEWS! BlackCoin New Developments

    BIG NEWS! BlackCoin New Developments

    Hello everyone, I am here to announce current developments within BlackCoin 1) New PoS 2.0 System by rat4 The main man, rat4 himself, has been working hard and diligently on what we dubbed “PoS 2.0″. This new Proof of Stake system will further solve potential attacks to vectors that other currencies are vulnerable to. 2)

  • This is Melissa Doval, VP of Finance, Max Borges Agency – AMA!

    This is Melissa Doval, VP of Finance, Max Borges Agency - AMA!

    As VP of Finance, it’s my job to ensure that both the interests of our agency and our clients are properly represented and protected. When BlackCoin approached us, we had to do our due diligence. Like most people venturing into digital currencies for the first time, we were skeptical and had a number of questions.

  • Community Interview: EcoChav

    Community Interview: EcoChav

    First of all, we are starting a new project: Community Interviews.  Community Interviews will be done weekly. EcoChav is going to support our DailyBlackcoin team with BlackcoinTV. We want to know more about him and his motivation for Blackcoin. He will talk about his idea of BlackcoinTV and how he thinks about the future of Blackcoin.

  • Darkcoin and Blackcoin – Bitcoin Killers?

    If you follow the 200+ cryptocurrencies out there with any regularity you would have heard a couple of new entrants making quite a racket over the last couple weeks, Blackcoin and Darkcoin. We have written about Blackcoin and are deeply impressed with some projects and capabilities coming down the pike. They raised$15k+ in donations to hire a PR

  • Max Borges Agency is the First Public Relations Firm to Accept BlackCoin

    (BUSINESS WIRE)  Max Borges Agency, a top tech PR firm in North America, announced today that it received BlackCoin digital currency as a part of its client retainer from BlackCoin. With this move, Max Borges Agency becomes the first company in the public relations industry to join the BlackCoin ecosystem. This news should come as no surprise for those familiar

  • Be a Leader

    I have never seen a spirit of development and innovation like there is in the BlackCoin community. The amount of work going towards supporting this coin every day leaves me with no doubt in my mind that we will rise to the top. BlackCoin is far bigger than any one individual. BlackCoin is an entire

  • What is BlackCoin?

    What is BlackCoin? video

    The “What is BlackCoin?” video is finally here. If you like the video donate some BlackCoin: BFWfBFL41SufELcLsqK65ta4tDfF3Fczao I have a few more ideas but will need a hand funding them. I hope you enjoy the video. - EcoChav