• Blackcoin trading on

    Blackcoin trading on

    From now on BC/USD or BC/BTC is available on Try it out to buy or sell your Blackcoins now on this website! It is confirmed on twitter: #blackcoin #zetacoin , @fluttercoin #Novacoin #Asiacoin, #emc2 #Billioncoin #Noblecoin now on @vaultofsatoshi (0.2% fee on C2C) — Vault of Satoshi (@vaultofsatoshi) May 1, 2014  

  • is a new website where companies or merchants can register their websites. After they have registered their website, they will be visible on the world map. I have spoken to the developer and he was really enthusiastic about his website and the future: I put the site together after suggesting to Soepkip that I’d

  • Blackcoin Woodenwallet

    Blackcoin Woodenwallet

    The safest way to store your coins is to keep them away from computers. We customise for you an elegant and top-quality wooden card which contains all the information necessary to store and withdraw your coins safely. To order a Woodwallet you need to encrypt it with BIP38 or another technology. Free shipping worldwide included. UPS and

  • BlackCoin Card Shipping Next Week

    BlackCoin Card Shipping Next Week

    I am happy to announce the first batch of the BlackCoin cards will be shipping next week. In a few days those sexy BlackCoin cards will start showing up in your mailboxes. I will upload photos as soon as the batch arrives from the factory on Monday. I want to thank everyone who purchased the

  • BlackRoad Marketplace

    BlackRoad Marketplace

    Blkroad is an online auction site and marketplace designed for digital cryptocurrencies. You can use Blkroad to buy and sell items using various cryptocoins. Please keep in mind that this is still very early beta stage, which means there probably are some big bugs around. Many markets Blkroad gives you the ability to sell your

  • Buy Truffle oil

    Buy Truffle oil

    The Truffle Maestro is the leading supplier of Truffle Aroma or 2 4 Dithiapentane used for making truffle oil and other truffle infused products. Truffle Aroma is used in all retail truffle oils usually blended with Olive Oil. We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Blackcoin & Dogecoin payments. All prices include free shipping worldwide &

  • Dutch mining webshop accepts Blackcoins

    Dutch mining webshop accepts Blackcoins

    Dutch mining webshop has started accepting payment in Dogecoins, Litecoins but more important also in Blackcoins. The webshop has been able to implement this by using the payment provider Adding three new coins as payment, why did they choose for Blackcoin? When we asked for a comment the owner Jeroen de Waal said:

  • BCLottery – Official blackcoin lottery

    BCLottery - Official blackcoin lottery

    1. About BCLottery BCLottery is new weekly lottery for blackcoin community. Our main goal is to create stronger community around blackcoin and new weekly “event” for the community. The lottery is part of larger cryptocoin lottery service - We are the official lottery for blackcoin with recognition from the developer team. Also 50% from