• is the one and only Buy/Sell items and services marketplace for BlackCoin. It is 100% FREE to list your items and services on BlackCoiner. They have a section for just about anything you could imagine. The signup process takes less than 30 seconds to do, and you can hop right onto listing your item

  • Blackcoin Card

    Blackcoin Card

    IT ALL STARTS WITH A GREAT IDEA The BlackCoin Card is a new approach to storing and transporting your valuable BlackCoins safely. No longer do you have to carry annoying paper wallets and worry about installing private keys. DESIGNED TO IMPRESS EVERYONE Make a bold statment with this elegantly designed card made from the finest

  • BlackCoin Gold Bars

    BlackCoin Gold Bars

    BlackCoin Gold Bars are produced specially for Coaex by Istanbul Gold Refinery. BlackCoin Gold Bars Specifications Type : Solid Gold Bars Manufacturer : IGR – Istanbul Gold Refinery Weight : 1 Gram – 0.0321 Troy Ounce Size : 0.35 x 0.59 inch ( 9 x 15 mm ) Fineness : 995.0 Karats: 24K Serial Number : Yes Packing Material : Sealed in Manufacturer Plastic Card Circulation

  • BlackCoin Store

    BlackCoin Store

    BlackCoin Store  We have new games, more gift cards and now working with We are still offering you the possibility to add your creations, doesn’t matter if its a physical product or a downloadable program, we can list the item for you free of charge (You decide if you want to donate to us).  We still

  • Puluahua Ecolodge Accepts BlackCoin

    Puluahua Ecolodge Accepts BlackCoin

    Hey guys, gals, rich traders, poor miners, big whales, small fish, and Black Coin Team: I am accepting BlackCoin at my Ecolodge. If you come Ecuador - South America, please visit us at: BELIEVE ME!  ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR: 

  • Blackcoin T-Shirts

    Welcome BlackCoin Community. My name is SSRC. I have been an active supporter of this coin for quite some time. Im in IRC everyday and I hear all the amazing ideas community members have come up with to boost our coin and our community. So I thought to myself what it something that I can

  • Blackshape Prime

    I’m happy to announce that Dutch aircraft dealer “Zelf Vliegen“ now accepts Blackcoin as a payment option.In short, this means you can now buy your own aircraft with Blackcoin. For more information about buying a Blackshape Prime please contact the dealer “Zelf Vliegen”. DEALER’S LINK

  • Coinkite adds Blackcoin!

    Coinkite adds Blackcoin!

    Yesterday was a great day for BlackCoin. When we found out that Coinkite had an altcoin roadmap, we immediately asked them to list BlackCoin. We then started collecting the required 25 BTC worth of BlackCoin. Within 24 hours of being listed, with the help of our community, and even Mintpal, we reached target (a total of 265,372