BCLottery - Official blackcoin lottery

1. About BCLottery

BCLottery is new weekly lottery for blackcoin community. Our main goal is to create stronger community around blackcoin and new weekly “event” for the community. The lottery is part of larger cryptocoin lottery service - cryptocoinlottery.net

We are the official lottery for blackcoin with recognition from the developer team. Also 50% from all BCLottery  profits are donated to blackcoin development. You can see donation amounts from our homepage (amounts are updated every week after drawing).

 2. The lottery

We provide basic 5 number lottery with a weekly drawing. Our creative win distribution guarantees 50%-99% payout on every round. The ticket costs 7BC/ticket, but ticket price is review after every round and can be changed to correlate the changes in the value of blackcoin.

BCLottery also offer serial tickets with fixed or live price. So you can get extra benefit from serial tickets if you can predict blackcoin value changes.

 3.”Beat the odds” -campaign

To celebrate start of BCLottery, we are announcing “Beat the odds”-campaign. Every winning ticket purchased during this campaign will receive 100-198% payout instead 50-99%.  The campaign is valid as long as campaign tickets are left, more info you can find from our page:

Click here to go the BClottery website

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