The Chinese Foundation Chapter is established today!

Hereby we proudly announce that the Chinese Foundation Chapter is established today! Its purpose is to encourage the Chinese BlackCoin community members to make more contribution, and a public fund has also been set up. At the moment only BlackCoin donations will be accepted (wallet address: BC54gNbYpA2aFPmiB5NTnb6u1H6KTqAcDS). The donation is on voluntary basis, you are welcome to donate any amount freely. The public fund will never be used for investment purposes, instead it will only be used to award those who actively contribute to the development and/or promotion of BlackCoin, in this way we want to maximize the enthusiasm and involvement of the Chinese BlackCoin community.

The public fund is managed by luckyjerry, and the ledger ia saved on Google Docs, which is completely open to the public. Anyone can review the source, destination, amount and usage of each transaction, and the wallet address as well as each transaction is fully traceable via the blockchain of BlackCoin. Please send the TXid and amount of your transaction to luckyjerry or me after the transaction is completely confirmed. Thank you!

The ledger of the public fund can be reviewed here: click (Gmail account required)

As far as this thread is posted, we have received 13 donations, with a total amount of 8,501.63888888 BC, very impressive!

With this fund, the Chinese BlackCoin community will be able to launch more projects, and people who have made contribution will receive some reward, although the amount might be small, it’s a kind of encouragement.

We will ensure each income and outcome is open and transparent to the public, everyone can check the ledger with the above address at any time. We warmly welcome more donations, and the ledger is open for your supervision!

Click here to go to the official announcement.

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