Jabulon Update Part II

Stunningly huge BlackCoin debut in The Lone Star State. 

If you havent read part one, click here first.

In just a few weeks, at the largest antiques show in the United States, a top dealer from the South of France will arrive with a 40-foot container of high-end merchandise for sale to a vast hoard of buyers arriving from all over the world. This dealer is extremely proud and excited to be the first vendor in the history of this monumental semi-annual show to accept cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and BlackCoin only!!

After many weeks of preparation, working closely with myself and with enthusiastic support from within the BlackCoin community, she will launch into a whole new dimension of doing business - and quite possibly take her entire industry with her! You see, the story doesn’t end with this one show. She is taking Bitcoin/BlackCoin to Provence, France, and again with the support of BlackCoin is actively rounding up fellow business owners with the aim of turning the whole South of France into the Cryptocurrency capital of Western Europe. This woman is Alisanne Frew. Remember that name. She is the owner of a full-featured high-end shopping service called “Alisanne Wonderland”. She runs her own boutique, and you can follow her on Twitter atAlisanne@ShopFrancaise. You can download her eBook, “How to Shop Flea Markets in the South of France for Fun and Profit”, on Amazon.com.

For the Texas event, the renowned “Round Top Antiques Fair”, she will be operating at the prime-cut epicenter of the entire show, the Marburger Farm establishment. This is truly the filet mignon of the gigantic heifer that is the Round Top show. (Sorry vegetarians, but this is Texas). And BlackCoin tech help will be right there with her from start to finish (Steven McKie and myself, possibly others).

This event is extremely well covered by the news media, and also has its own print publication of 30,000 copies, a must-have guidebook for the serious shopper. It is going to press imminently, and Alisanne is not only getting a huge full-color ad, but they are honoring her with a full page editorial as well. Both the ad and the article will prominently feature BlackCoin (and of course Bitcoin). They will appear both in the printed program and in an online edition that will stay online for 6 months. Here is a preview of the ad (I will post the full editorial at a later date).

Final word: stay tuned for Part III, it only gets bigger and better, friends. Why? Because…This. Is. BLACKCOIN!!!!

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