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Oh man, what a wait this has been. Every since the idea for BLKFeed was first conceived with Project Gotham — things have moved rather quickly. First of all, big shout out to WulfCastle who worked jointly with us; we were able to create an awesome user experience. When we first sought out to create BLKFeed it was so that the community would have a hub to get all information. In this decentralized world we’re creating, a centralized platform to get all the latest info is a must for the time being. This initiative is to help support the community and the BlackCoin Foundation in keeping everyone informed, and ease the efforts of getting the word about about new developments.

So what do we get with the launch of BLKFeed and the newly revamped BlackCoinTalk.org Forum? Well lets see…

Official Site URL: www.BLKFeed.com

*BLKFeed has been tested on many browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE, FireFox, PS4, Tablets) It should look great and run on most all modern browsers. If you encounter a bug let us know. *Might I suggest trying it on the PS4 while you’re gaming? Awesome way to quickly check the price.


Updating News Tiles: Never miss an update. Been at work all day? School? Fighting crime? Well come back, open up your PC and visit BLKFeed to stay up to date on any new announcements live as they come. You can click the view more button to get linked straight to the content thats being alerted. Its a great way to soak up all the news really quickly if you’re behind (and its easy to fall behind in crypto)

Live Updating Price Widgets: These widgets are in support of current exchanges that use BC. In the future these widgets will be custom configurable and you will be able to pick and choose which exchanges to list as more exchanges add BC and have an appropriate API to pull information. In the coming future as the BC Centric exchanges launch (contact us yourstruly) we will be implementing their information by default. Also listed currently is the buy pressure for the BlackCoin Pool for the day (Approximated) Below that will be the additional buy pressure for the BlackCoin centric exchanges as the time for their release nears.

BlackCoin Merchants: This section will go live in the coming days. But, essentially it will have information about different merchants and services that accept BlackCoin (exchanges, shops, etc) and you can then be linked to said service/shop/etc right from the page in a new tab. No more lurking around for BC related merchants. Just have to finish entering in all the info before this goes live.

IRC Chat: This is the built in IRC Chat that you can utilize while on the site. We have a custom style for the IRC that we will be implementing very soon as well, just need to get an issue sorted for a VPS (if you have one let us know). But this is straightforward — chat on IRC while you’re on the site. Don’t have to leave the page because all the good stuff is already on the page. This is great for live discussion.

Reddit Section: This is a tool that pulls all the most recent Reddit posts from the sub-reddit straight into BLKFeed, this makes it so you can quickly link to a thread from within the site, or quickly see what topics are currently trending. We were going to originally implement our own customer reddit-esque platform, but felt it pointless to compete with Reddit, we already love it so much.

Projects Page: This page serves as a constant reminder of all the Projects we are currently working on. You can get information in regards to the current projects/completed projects in development. You can also see a progress bar as the project nears completion. Clicking the view more option will give you additional info in regards to the project. This page will change a lot. No more having to poke about to get all the latest news!

Official BC Forums: This is big. Bitcoin has bitcointalk, and now blackcoin has their very on blackcointalk built ontop of BLKFeed. Here is where we will post static information regarding the BlackCoin Foundation. Talk to each other, post your worries, post questions, ask the Foundation questions. And most importantly learn about Memberships with the Foundation I invite you to check it out, the forums are very sexy. We hope everyone uses this as opposed to the bitcointalk thread as time goes on for more semi-permanent discussion.

Twitter Integration: Whenever someone uses the twitter tag #BlackCoin that tweet will come right into the feed! Allowing you to get all up-to-the-minute news from various BlackCoin channels right from the site without ever having to leave. Great for the folks who despise twitter too, but still want to get the benefit of the news. Very straightforward.

There are various links to the BlackCoin Foundation, BlackCoin Wiki, and the BlackCoin Map located at the bottom as well for quick navigation for more info regarding BC.

This is only Version 1.0. Additional improvements and features are in the pipeline. There will be additional color templates to choose from, additional widgets, and added functionality as we move forward.

For any inquiries regarding BLKFeed feel free to ask either Maarx or myself and we will do all we can to assist you. We all worked very hard on this and we really want you to take it for a spin and see if you love it.

This all started as an idea in my mind <2months ago: http://imgur.com/YaVp5n8

Thanks to Maarx and WulfCastle BLKFeed was able to see the light of day.

I’m so happy that a community like this exists where I can take a passion and an idea and turn it into a utility that the community can use and appreciate. <3 everyone in the community.


McKie, Maarx, WulfCastle

We truly hope you enjoy this. If you wish to show your thanks, perhaps consider donating to the BlackCoin Foundation. It is with funds provided from the Foundation that all this was possible. With your help we can continue to bring you services like BLKFeed even faster, and with even more features! Thank you

Original post on Reddit from McKie

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My name is Ralph. I am founder of Dailyblackcoin.com. The reason why i started with this website is because i wanted to create a news portal where people come every day such as Wallstreet Journal.

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