Pool will be down for maintenance and security audit.

The pool will be down for maintenance and a security audit.As some of you may heard, a big string of pools got hacked via a malware coin “dafuqcoin.”

Big pools like scryptominers were completely compromised.

Our pool is 100% unaffected by the trojan, and we did not get hacked. Even if we were to run the coin, our wallet user account does not have root priveleges and the exploit would not be able to execute.

We did notice some suspicious activity on our scrypt stratum server so we have taken the pool down to perform a security audit. This can last anywhere from 12-24 hours, as we have to confirm everything is legit. Wallets/mined coins are unaffected by this. The mined coins are safe and sound and have been liquidated and turned in to BC. We will pay out once our security audit is complete and we can be sure that we are paying to the correct people. The SHA payouts will be slightly delayed because of this, but will go out as normal.

Shortly after the exploit hit and scryptominers was hijacked, some one began to bully coin networks with about 45~ Gigahashes of mining power. We turned off our profit switching formula and pointed the pool at some of the coins in trouble to provide some relief and security to their networks (as well as push along some blocks that were stuck.)

News is still coming in, it’s hard to confirm what is legitimate and what is signal noise. We are taking all possible precautions. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update as soon as we have more news.

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