Open Positions in the Foundation and Addition of Research & Development


Today we are happy to announce that Steven ‘McKie’ McKie will join the BlackCoin Foundation as our newest addition. He will take up the role of ‘Research and Development Director’, previously known as Project Manager.

In this role Steven McKie will perform the duties as BlackCoin’ Project Manager, which he has been doing for the past month, and in addition to that he will strive to manage the research and representation of the new projects and developers that bring new technologies to the table of BlackCoin.

Steven McKie has recently joined the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference in Washington DC together with Eugene Rokhlin and Jon from the BlackCoinPool. We’ve seen Steven be very proficient with his current role and his dedication to BlackCoin is next to none.

As of current there are three open positions within the BlackCoin Foundation that need to be filled. These are all three board positions and thus will require a vote from the board for the actual addition to happen.

Marketing Director.
We are looking for a person that can market BlackCoin to the world. Next to the current efforts by Max Borges Agency we are looking for a person that can promote BlackCoin within the current crypto community and outside of this community. Preferably this person already works within the marketing industry or has extensive knowledge on this subject.

We are looking for a person to be the treasurer of the BlackCoin Foundation. This is an important role which requires a lot of trust. We are looking for a person with an extensive background in the financial industry while also having a good reputation within the crypto community. This role already has some applicants which are being vetted as we speak.

Another important role we are looking to be filled within the BlackCoin Foundation is the secretary role. Within this role we are looking for a person that is responsible for administrative tasks and can manage communications between the board, the community and companies outside of BlackCoin.

If you feel you are the perfect person to fill one of these roles, that you are the person we are looking for, please contact us on [email protected]

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