Today we are happy to deliver onto you our first whitepaper. In the past few months our lead developer, Pavel Vasin, has worked very hard on updating the current Proof-of-Stake system — as to make it more secure and improving the overall performance of the staking process. As of right now, protocol v2, better known as ‘PoS 2.0′, is being tested on its testnet and these tests are looking good and the protocol updates are performing great.

Expect us to update the current QT client to protocol v2 in the near future. This will require a hardfork and we will announce this at least two weeks in advance so every user and every service has enough time to update their clients to the latest version.

For now we have the whitepaper ‘BlackCoin Proof-of-Stake Protocol v2′ for you. These are not the last updates BlackCoin will make to the current iteration of proof-of-stake. Expect more changes to the protocol in the future as we strive to make BlackCoin the most secure Proof-of-Stake system in the world; allowing it greater utility and security for merchants and consumers.

Whitepaper: blackcoin-pos-protocol-v2-whitepaper.pdf

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