Hello BlackCoin community !

I saw that our bullish channel received a blow today. For the moment, it could be a false bearish could board in the channel.
But right now, could it produce a pullback before starting a new fall?

The first thing that got heckled me , apparently the course of blackcoin followed the path that I had grossly draw on my first post. But dayum… that was excessive !
For us now, it would be nice to have this new board bar 30k to confirm a new shipment to 44k that only be delayed.

This is why I will focus on various indicator that they show us new surprises.
We now attend a course oversold and it seems to exhaust all indacteurs in the medium term.

parabolic SAR could give me a bullish signal coming

StochRSI is about to get out of the oversold zone also shows me a bullish signal.

and Macd possibly a bullish signal coming.

However, moving average indicates an uncertainty in the coming days.

Major support at 26k satoshi has run today, but it is getting old and has been tested many times . If it were to be tested again , it could yield.

Even despite these charts , we must keep that macroeconomics keeps a part of my analysis. And now , I see our volume decline.This contradicts my indicator. In case the volume would rise while the indicators indicates a bullish signal. This could be good news to come . For now, I do not know what choice advise you apart buy at 26k satoshi and keep a tight stop loss.

On this , I keep an eye on the market to see how it all unfolds.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Favorite crypto ! Always Buy BlackCoin…



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