PRISIUS TECHNICAL FORECAST - always good time to buy black

Hello Blackcoin community !

UPDATE: we have hitten the uptrend channel at his lowest point and it look like to rebound. always buy black

I have seen that supports the 30k satoshi has been established.

I also found the support on the site showing very well this area

However, it is likely that Blackcoin can make several bounces between fib retracements.

Our point of interest remains in the red zone I frame in the first picture. Because this third approach BlackCoin this area means that either the support breaks or rebounding.

I am reassured about the future of BlackCoin is that currently we are currently setting in a rising channel.
Which means that as long as the support of this channel is not broke, we climb over the medium term.

Remember that in the near future, that the breaking of a large resistance is followed by a pullback as shown below.
Which will surely please daytraders :D

Always good time to buy Black.

Regards, Prisius.

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