ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 13

    FURTHER CONSOLIDATION TO 40K - MORE BUYERS AT HIGHER PRICES After experiencing repeated price manipulations to create dumps that would allow smart money to get cheap coins, many buyers have put up their BTC to new record highs. The order book has 675 BTC to 20K. On the latest order book I found some significant

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 12

    MARKET MANIPULATION BY WHALES - GET BC OR KILL CONFIDENCE IN BC This is a tiny market and can be manipulated by anyone holding 1000 BTC. If someone saw that this coin was going to succeed and wanted a piece of it then they could just fuck with it until enough psychological damage is done

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 11

    BUYERS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH IN ORDER BOOK. As we continue to consolidate to 40K I took a reading of buyers on the order book and compared this with what we had on April 19th. We finally are starting to see some real price support building in the buy walls. On April 19th we

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 10

    STRONG CONSOLIDATION IN PROGRESS .   TIME TO REGAIN SOME GROUND This market can move very fast up and down.   I t seems that we are going to move beyond 40K, 45K and possible go back to test 50K.  I say this because we are expecting some good news but i am unsure as to

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 9

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 9

    CONSOLIDATION IN PROGRESS . Testing 27K 30K 40K SUPPORT With this downward slide we enter a deeper consolidation process to re-test our previous supports. The downtrend should stabilize around 40K = (53K + 27K)/2 = 40K In the long term chart shows we are still trying to establish a new uptrend to be tested in

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 8

    UNABLE TO BREAK 53K - UNABLE TO HOLD 50k - CONSOLIDATION IN PROGRESS The short term Pennant Pattern did not yield to a break out (yet).  Not enough buyers to take the nervous sellers.   The market has now established some important support areas and resistance forces that need to be resolved. The upward momentum is

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 7

    STRONG PENNANT CHART FORMING - CONSOLIDATION IN PROGRESS   After the sharp price movements from yesterday a typical Pennant Chart is forming. This formation should resolve to the upside to test the 55K resistance when enough volume takes out the panic sellers that formed with the previous violent price movements. See here for an explanation

  • Puluahua Ecolodge Accepts BlackCoin

    Puluahua Ecolodge Accepts BlackCoin

    Hey guys, gals, rich traders, poor miners, big whales, small fish, and Black Coin Team: I am accepting BlackCoin at my Ecolodge. If you come Ecuador - South America, please visit us at: http://pululahuahostal.com/ BELIEVE ME!  ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR: 

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 5

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 5

    STRENGTHENING POSITION FOR BUYERS - A WORD OF CAUTION After that huge effort by the sellers, who took advantage of our weak defenses, we are consolidating positions and preparing for future gains. The Black Coin buyers have accumulated their wealth on a couple of big walls to grab lots of coins at lower prices in