ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 4

    TESTING 37K  - 40K - 45K FLOORS PLUS BREAK OUT 47K - 50k RESISTANCE Wow what a ride and this could continue but I chose to pause here to review the current situation. Our previous support floors where tested by a big PANIC ATTACK from the SELLERS taking a quick profit.  I believe that this

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 3

    TESTING 47 RESISTANCE AND 45K SUPPORT There has not been enough consolidation to break the 47K resistance  the volume of the last attempt did not confirm a breakout.  The last attempt was a 100 BTC try but again it fell short of my suggested volume of 200 BTC. A new support floor is forming around

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 2

    TESTING 40K SUPPORT The sellers are cashing in at higher prices and as a result they have taken their sales to the limit of the previous support floor of 40K. A short term double bottom has formed confirming the buying strength. See here for double bottom and double top explanations.  http://www.investopedia.com/university/charts/charts4.asp Here is the chart