Blackcoin Woodenwallet

The safest way to store your coins is to keep them away from computers. We customise for you an elegant and top-quality wooden card which contains all the information necessary to store and withdraw your coins safely.

To order a Woodwallet you need to encrypt it with BIP38 or another technology.

Free shipping worldwide included. UPS and others shipping options available on checkout.

How does it work?

A Woodwallet works like a traditional paper-wallet : the public sidecontains the public address where you can send your coins. The private side contains the private key that lets you spend them. (Read more about paper-wallets here and here). Both sides comes with an engraved QR code that you can scan with any mobile device and pair with your mobile or web application to manage the funds.

You can get these woodenwallets for €19 , or ~ 57 mBTC

More information can be found on the original website, here
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