BlackCoin Multipool

In this category Prisius will posts his articles about his technical analysis/forecasts for Blackcoin.

  • Pool Back Online After Strategic DDoS Attack

    Pool Back Online After Strategic DDoS Attack

    Over the past 48 hours the pool has been the victim of a targeted and startegic DDoS attack, including the developers on their personal IP addresses. The DDoS attacks have since been fully mitigated and StGNU has worked round the clock (literally) for the past 48 hours to resolve the issue. Payouts have been sent

  • again down because of DDOS again down because of DDOS

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING BLACKCOINPOOL.COM DOWNTIME ============================================================================== What Happened? —————————————- The server is back offline after a strategic and coordinated DDoS attack, this time with more sophistication. We had upgraded to the full-scale DDoS protection plan provided by Cloudflare, in addition to StGNU configuring his own set of anti-DDoS mechanisms however the attackers used social engineering

  • Back in Black! Back in Black!

    The official Blackcoinpool is back online after some heavy DDOS attacks. is now protected with to prevent more DDOS attack. Blackcoin pool is Back in Black after a massive DDoS attack! Payouts will commence as usual starting at 12:00am EST with additional BC accounted for from previous mining period. For those having issues

  • V2 V2 is now up again, they are running a completely overhauled backend. But you can still use the same address same ports. Scrypt: SHA-256: Stats for main site are not up yet, but we have a temporary stat page here We are working on a complete Frontend overhaul but it will take some time,

  • Pool will be down for maintenance and security audit.

    Pool will be down for maintenance and security audit.

    The pool will be down for maintenance and a security audit.As some of you may heard, a big string of pools got hacked via a malware coin “dafuqcoin.” Big pools like scryptominers were completely compromised. Our pool is 100% unaffected by the trojan, and we did not get hacked. Even if we were to run

  • Blackcoin Multipool App

    Blackcoin Multipool App

    We have waited long enough for this, but finally it is here! Community member Auspex-nl made two awesome apps for the Blackcoin Multipool. Click here for the Google Play Store Click here for the Windows Phone Store Android screenshots: Windows Phone:

  • Multipool Payouts 21-4

    Multipool Payouts 21-4

    07:48 Channel mode set to +m by @BLKDogeOfWallSt 07:48 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Okay guys 07:48 @BLKDogeOfWallSt You should have noticed that payouts just went out 07:48 @BLKDogeOfWallSt Or you should be noticing right about now 07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt You might notice they are a little smaller than usual 07:49 @BLKDogeOfWallSt One of the coins we were mining Netcoin - forked, and we were on the wrong side of it.

  • New servers for multipool

    New servers for multipool

    11:28 Channel mode set to +m by @BLKDogeOfWallSt 11:28 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> POOL UPGRADED ! 11:28 <@gnu_user> *** NOTICE *** 11:28 <@gnu_user> *** POOL UPGRADED WITH PERFORMANCE / STABILITY ENHANCEMENTS *** 11:29 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Basically we have a scaling solution in place now 11:29 <@gnu_user> that 11:29 <@gnu_user> 11:29 <@gnu_user> Or I can geek out on the technicals

  • Operation Black Shield!

    Operation Black Shield!

    Hey guys! What a week it has been huh?! We got a chance to meet a lot of you in person, during the NYC Cryptocurrency Convention and the Toronto Bitcoin Expo. The out-pouring of support and interest in BlackCoin and, it was both humbling and amazing. Thank you to anyone who talked to us