Darkcoin and Blackcoin – Bitcoin Killers?

If you follow the 200+ cryptocurrencies out there with any regularity you would have heard a couple of new entrants making quite a racket over the last couple weeks, Blackcoin and Darkcoin.
We have written about Blackcoin and are deeply impressed with some projects and capabilities coming down the pike. They raised$15k+ in donations to hire a PR agency and are being included along with Bitcoin with Coinkite‘s payment processing service starting on June 1st. This along with their intense efforts of chasing ecommerce business transactions leads me to believe that it’s current valuation at the time of writing (.0002) is cheap.Very cheap.

Darkcoin is another coin that has been making some waves over the last couple days. I watched it go from .0069 to .0175 in 24 hours. The growth/ pump on this was insane. Just when I thought there would be a mass sell off, the coin continued to rise, kinda like those days in November 2014 when Litecoin went from $11 to $40. Darkcoin is aiming to be the anonymous version of Bitcoin. It’s recent release of Darksend, an anonymous transaction feature, is truly securing this coin as Bitcoin’s 2nd in command. Wallets no longer indicate balances and 3rd parties cannot trace your transaction history. It is all nicely screened within Darksend’s technology. While this is great for privacy folks, Libertarians and drug dealers, this could hamper mass adoption and acceptance by Big Brother governments who want to know what the proletariats are up to. Maybe Darkcoin’s barrier to entry in the mainstream will push it down to the recesses of the Darkweb where it will flourish among marginalized societies?

I know investors and miners love new crypto’s as they are highly speculative and can make you a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time but it’s time to separate the fools gold from the real thing. I personally hate most of the 2014 crypto births and consider the bulk of them bastard children but Blackcoin and Darkcoin have the attention of Altcoin Fever (Disclosure – we own both). They are doing some things right with new features (Darksend, POS, interest on coins held) that further legitimize cryptos in general. Bitcoin has basically done all the hard work for future cryptos and brought the reality of virtual currency to the world. Many have long speculated what will eventually replace Bitcoin. I think we have 2 strong candidates in Darkcoin and Blackcoin.

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