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I have never seen a spirit of development and innovation like there is in the BlackCoin community. The amount of work going towards supporting this coin every day leaves me with no doubt in my mind that we will rise to the top. BlackCoin is far bigger than any one individual. BlackCoin is an entire community that will never stop until we are number one.

We are all members of the BlackCoin team. We are all BlackCoin developers. We are all BlackCoin promoters.

We are all BlackCoin leaders.

In just the last few days…

RJSchex continued to work on the MIT BlackCoin project and media to promote Blackcoin’s energy and cost-maintenance advantages, while being a leader on r/blackcoin.

JamesR1 produced an infographic to promote the advantages of BlackCoin.

EcoChav wrote a Chinese introduction article, built a Chinese version of the BlackCoin logo and produced the recent ‘What is Blackcoin?’ video featuring the Ad Twins.

BjornSolstad built a website to pull in key search terms from Google and direct users appropriately.

Buy-Black continued to update his technical analysis on the BlackCoin chart.

Dognip, after organizing and contributing heavily to the PR firm project, worked with them directly to help promote BlackCoin.

DrTentacle got us started on the creation of a BlackCoin Wikipedia article.

TheDogeOfWallSt and StGNU worked tirelessly to launch version 2 of the BlackCoinPool, a massive technical upgrade.

Rat4 continued to work to improve the BlackCoin PoS system, committing over 3,000 lines of code to BlackCoin on Github.

McKie convinced TeenAIDS, a very well known and respected Non-Profit Organization, to accept donations via BlackCoin while contributing his writing skills to various other projects.

Icepatfork built a BlackCoin price ticker for Mac OSX.

Wurlitzer is building well-designed BlackCoin postcards.

Fayoling built the @blklottery BlackCoin lottery twitter bot.

Soepkip traveled over 4,600 miles to work directly with the PR firm promoting BlackCoin.

Maarx helped organize countless projects for myself and other developers, while working on custom software to convert in-game achievements to BlackCoin for the upcoming Red vs. Blue Meets Black Team Fortress 2 tournament.

DrasticRaven is organizing to create and sell metal BlackCoin USB storage cards, while also working towards creating 3d physical BlackCoins.

TotalMelancholy and Slinger1015 made wallpapers for the community and posted them to the subreddit.

GrittNAuld worked to push BlackCoin in the Asian markets by submitting new promotional media to news outlets.

Edu91 continued to work on the BlackCheque paper wallet.

Countless community members helped these projects simply by commenting with ideas and support!
Many individuals in our community helped promote BlackCoin on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

* I’m sure this list would be far bigger if I had more time to scour the web. If I missed you, rest assured, you are appreciated!

Do you really believe that with the strength of our dedicated community, value will not come?

BlackCoin has the chops to compete with the big boys in the crypto. That much is clear. It is up to us to keep pushing as hard as we can! Bitcoin and Litecoin holders made the biggest gains in crypto history not because they sat on their investments, but because they actively supported and promoted their coin!

How can you help?

If you have the skills to work on a project to support BlackCoin, the path is clear.

If not: You can join and show your support for the many projects posted there with comments and ideas. You can tweet and retweet important and promotional messages about BlackCoin on Twitter. You can post all over the internet about the advantages of BlackCoin. You can try to convince merchants to accept BlackCoin. (Especially with CoinKite coming up!) You can support the BlackCoin community in tough times by helping to keep focus on what’s important. There are many, many other ways you can help.

Get creative, I believe in you.

Any small thing you can do helps add value to BlackCoin.

Germsite suggested ‘Be a Leader’ as a slogan for BlackCoin on BlackCoinTalk. I like it.

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