BLACKCOIN NOW SUPPORTED ON BITTYLICIOUS April 20, 2014  JP Buntinx There are no days off when it comes to reporting interesting things happening to BlackCoin. Not even on this Easter evening.It’s also part of why I really love doing this, especially in between halves of a football game…But it’s worth it! The news broke earlier today stating Bittylicious,

  • New servers for multipool

    New servers for multipool

    11:28 Channel mode set to +m by @BLKDogeOfWallSt 11:28 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> POOL UPGRADED ! 11:28 <@gnu_user> *** NOTICE *** 11:28 <@gnu_user> *** POOL UPGRADED WITH PERFORMANCE / STABILITY ENHANCEMENTS *** 11:29 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Basically we have a scaling solution in place now 11:29 <@gnu_user> that 11:29 <@gnu_user> 11:29 <@gnu_user> Or I can geek out on the technicals

  • Operation Black Shield!

    Operation Black Shield!

    Hey guys! What a week it has been huh?! We got a chance to meet a lot of you in person, during the NYC Cryptocurrency Convention and the Toronto Bitcoin Expo. The out-pouring of support and interest in BlackCoin and BlackCoinPool.com, it was both humbling and amazing. Thank you to anyone who talked to us

  • Sell or hold your mined coins?

    If you mine on the blackcoin multipool, you have 2 options: sell or hold. Well thanks to a community member (w000t) we have a very nice site to see what your profits were if you sold or hold. Replace the BlackCoin adress after miner= with your adress and you can see your mining stats/profits!

  • BlackCoin Rolls Out Fantastic Features as its Value Skyrockets More Than 215% in Just One Week

    BlackCoin has joined the CoinKite payment system and is also issuing a stylish, full-featured BlackCoin card that provides incomparable features, security, and ease of use NEW YORK, N.Y., April 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB - BlackCoin crypto-currency (BlackCoin.co) has just made two important announcements regarding its growing popularity and technological development as an

  • Blackshape Prime

    I’m happy to announce that Dutch aircraft dealer “Zelf Vliegen“ now accepts Blackcoin as a payment option.In short, this means you can now buy your own aircraft with Blackcoin. For more information about buying a Blackshape Prime please contact the dealer “Zelf Vliegen”. DEALER’S LINK http://www.zelfvliegen.nl/vliegtuigen/verkoop/blackshape-prime

  • Multipool payouts delayed

    Payouts are delayed because of issues with Cryptsy. All of Cryptsy trades are currently frozen while they push a fix to their system a part of our payouts are stuck in limbo, our payouts will commence when Cryptsy resumes operations. Payment is delayed because of Cryptsy- this is global, Cryptsy froze trade operations/withdrawals for everyone.