ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 34 - Bullish Ichimoku

Bullish Ichimoku 1-day chart


A major bullish pattern is forming with Ichimoku TA on the 1 day chart.

1.  The price has been climbing since September 9th and slowly approaching the kumo cloud.

2.  The resistance kumo cloud was penetrated on September 13 and broken to the upside on September 15th.

3.   A Tenka crossover was confirmed on September 19.  This is a major buy signal if other parameters contribute.

4.  If positive price continues a Kumo Twist is predicted for the future for October 13th.

5. The Chikou span still needs to break through the cloud as shown on August 26th for a major bull run confirmation.


Click on this image for full view.


If the current conditions remain this bullish trend could turn into and explosive Bullish Run!


Many thanks for for providing such awesome FREE tools!

If you want to learn more about Ichimoku TA watch this video:

Many thanks to Carl Burgette better known as ChaosTrader63 who made the above tutorial here:






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