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Tooth powder is one of the oldest known methods for keeping good oral hygiene, it dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Hermetic Seal Tooth Powder was developed for personal use in 2012 after suffering from a history of constant cavities. I was driven to find a solution and began researching what would best strengthen my teeth and gums. After a few test batches and many months of personal use, the result distilled into Hermetic Seal Tooth Powder. I have since benefited substantially and no longer get cavities. My mouth feels healthy and my teeth are stronger than they have ever been. Whenever friends or family mention oral health problems, I offer my tooth powder for them to try. I always recieve feedback of significant improvements in their conditions — from abscesses, to thin enamel, to cavities. After witnessing the benefits of this powder I now confidently offer it to everyone as a means for superior oral health.

Usage: Wet your toothbrush, dip into powder, and brush thoroughly. Re-wet your toothbrush as needed to fully hydrate the powder.

What is Hermetic Seal?
Hermetic Seal Compounds is an initiative to create functional, affordable, and all-natural hygiene products. All of our compounds are made of certified organic and high quality food grade materials. We support all digital currencies as a means to promote safe and efficient economic systems.

How much does it costs?

2.5 oz (75ml) =  $10

If you want to order some, or read more about the product. Visit the website here.

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