Jabulon Update Part III - A Taste of What the Future Holds


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Before I launch into this, please bear in mind a few things. What I am about to present are works-in-progress. This is also only a very partial list. For reasons I explained in part 1, I am unable to disclose substantive information on certain projects, whether due to NDA’s or just the still-too-early status of this or that line of action. That said, I have received a barrage of inquiries about what other tantalizing bits I am working on and I wish to be as open and candid as possible in response. Sadly my single biggest BlackCoin venture must remain completely behind closed doors until launch. Yet there are a few important previews I can give - think of them as deals ‘in closed beta’. Most and probably all of them will come to fruition, some of them fairly near-term. I will omit specifics and concrete detail where I am obliged (or best advised) to do so.

What follows concerns BUSINESS ADOPTION, and PENETRATION INTO NEW MARKETS. Standard ‘safe-haven’ disclaimer about forward-looking statements applies. They are all, in one form or another, STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS with future-minded business owners. I selected them for the diversity of markets they represent, and either for their high standing and proven history of success in their respective fields, or for their outstanding promise as new ventures as reflected in hard numbers by the amount of venture capital they have already attracted (1 million USD, minimum). A partial list only, to be expanded on in coming days and weeks. Brevity of message is a priority too. End of preamble!

  1. A 5-star hotel in the Caribbean has said yes to integrating BitCoin/BlackCoin within the next 2 to 3 months. I am working closely with Michael Morris and Heliopay, Inc. to provide full implementation and tech support.
  2. A Luxury Yacht manufacturer and rental service has expressed strong interest in Bitcoin/BlackCoin integration and wishes to fully exploit the cross-promotional opportunities a BlackCoin partnership could provide.
  3. A major eGifting platform is in early but serious talks with me. This is especially exciting, because it would, in effect, allow BlackCoin to be used at any of the client businesses already on their rapidly expanding roster.
  4. Through Alisanne in Provence, a public BTC/BLK presentation to business owners has been scheduled, the story of which has been picked up by a major travel/hospitality publication committed to doing a magnificent 4-page spread on her business and future plans in South of France.
  5. Again in coordination with Alisanne, the possibility to test-drive an innovative “BlackCoin Bar” and entertainment space has just been fully confirmed. More details to follow.


So, there you have it. Just a few appetizers. The next dish will be brought out shortly, whether by me or any of the numerous others among us working independently (but decentralizedly together). BlackCoin is on the move - in fact, with or without any of the above. There is so much more. My list is therefore only a fraction of a fraction.

Source: Reddit

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