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  • BlackCoin community introduces BlackHalo

    BlackCoin community introduces BlackHalo

      With the BlackCoin’s community push to be globally recognized and adopted, new technologies and innovations are pouring out of its community. Dzimbeck, a known digital currency enthusiast and programmer, spent the last several months creating what he calls “BlackHalo” and “BitHalo” which are the worlds first functional smart contracting clients. He believes that it

  • HOW TO: Stake your Blackcoins

    HOW TO: Stake your Blackcoins

    HOW TO: Staking with your Blackcoin Wallet   1.Open your BlackCoin wallet. 2.Make sure you have BlackCoins in your wallet. Staking is a process of earning interest on your holdings. You need holdings first! 3.Wait for the BlackCoin wallet to sync. The blockchain must finish syncing before you can begin staking. 4.Unlock the wallet. Unlocking

  • World Cup betting with Blackcoin!

    World Cup betting with Blackcoin!

    With the worldcup just about to start it is time to place some bets. On you can do just that, with blackcoins! The idea is very simple, every match has 3 blackcoin addresses. One for the home country, one for the away country and one for draw. If you think the home country will win, you can

  • 14th June: London Blackcoin Meeting

    14th June: London Blackcoin Meeting

    London BlackCoin Meet & Coinkite Demo Saturday 14th June 12pm+ Ecochav: Its fast approaching the meet on Saturday, I hope you are all as excited as I am. The event will be taking place at the Pembury Tavern in Hackney, London. The Pembury Tavern was the first Pub in the UK to start taking Bitcoin

  • Prisius Technical Forecast – Elliott wave

    Prisius Technical Forecast - Elliott wave

    Hello Blackcoin community. I have seen no confirmation for the head and shoulder even if blackcoin has dropped. In fibonacci we are still on the correction of the previous uptrend, also we have ended on the Elliott Wave. It mean a trending on a new wave like the picture below. With the lack of volatility,

  • Community Interview: Vizique

    Community Interview: Vizique

    I was fortunate  enough to have Vizique answer a few questions about his role in the Blackcoin Foundation and what he does to bring Blackcoin to into wider adoption.   Thank you Vizique for taking the time to do this and the effort you put in everyday to build BC’s reputation on a professional level. GeekGrind: Thanks for taking the

  • TheBlackDogeOfWallStreet update!

    TheBlackDogeOfWallStreet update!

    The developers of the did some updates to the gameplay and user interface of the website. What is The Doge of Wall Street? A speculation game. You compete against other players to get the highest payout by pumping the bubble and inflating the price until the timer runs out. At that point you better pray you’re

  • Why BlackCoin has a bright future

    Why BlackCoin has a bright future

    A note on the current cryptocurrency environment and why BlackCoin has a bright future. Today’s cryptocurrency marketI’ll be blunt here: The current state of the cryptocurrency market is only harming the future of digital currencies. Every week we see new coins rise fast on hype and speculation. Just as quickly we watch them fall down



    Hello BlackCoin world! Today we come with a new version of the BlackCoin wallet. No, it’s not the PoS 2.0 update you guys all want but we did add a lot of fixes and updates to the wallet.First one is actual QR codes within the wallet. When you go to the Receive window you can