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  • [MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT] BLKFeed V1.0 is here!

    [MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT] BLKFeed V1.0 is here!

    *Looks about that time…. Oh man, what a wait this has been. Every since the idea for BLKFeed was first conceived with Project Gotham — things have moved rather quickly. First of all, big shout out to WulfCastle who worked jointly with us; we were able to create an awesome user experience. When we first

  • Hello Blackcoin

    Hello world Greetings BlackCoin community. My name is Nick Garner I hope you are doing well and expanding your BlackCoin world views. I have been drifting around the digital currency crypto-sphere for a little while now, gawking and gandering and now I am here to contribute. Coin? I first noticed digital currencies in 2013 when I learned you could

  • FORTUNE: Cryptocurrency Tracking App for iPhone added Blackcoin

    FORTUNE: Cryptocurrency Tracking App for iPhone added Blackcoin

    It’s time to build a Fortune! Dabbling in cryptocurrencies or a hardcore investor, Fortune can help. We created Fortune to keep you informed about your cryptocurrencies’ performance in realtime! Track at a glance over 25 different cryptocurrencies and altcoins that are constantly in flux from the convenience of your iPhone Up-to-the-minute Dashboard See your portfolio

  • BlackCoin Review or Why It Could Be the Next Big Thing?

    BlackCoin Review or Why It Could Be the Next Big Thing?

    The new cryptocurrencies appear every day, some of those being created only with the goal of making a quick buck, while others come with different features from the ones that already exist for other cryptos. BlackCoin appeared a few months ago, and it became the third most traded cryptocurrency, taking the third place owned by

  • Bitcoin Chicago Twitter updates

    Bitcoin Chicago Twitter updates

        Live Twitter Updates From Bitcoin Chicago Conference: @TheDogeOfWallSt @dzimbeck @BlackCoinPool #tnabc Black Coin team — Chnchapters (@chnchapters) July 20, 2014 Packing up in Chicago after a successful weekend! @BlackCoinPool @CoinBlack #tnabc #btcchicago — Chnchapters (@chnchapters) July 20, 2014 Met with ciphrex to discuss adding #blackcoin support big things to come stay

  • Project BlackMoon

    Project BlackMoon

    BlackCoin, with the help of Pocket Spacecraft will be sending a custom BlackCoin ship to the moon in 2015. Book your place today! For only 110 bc we will add your picture along with 39 other passengers to the ship which will be launched into space and sent to the moon in 2015. The first

  • Black Auctions in Public Beta

    Black Auctions in Public Beta

    What’s is BlackAuction’s vision? BlackAuctions goal is to provide an auctioning / sales platform to the crypto community that takes full advantage of BlackHalo’s smart contracting capabilities as well as offering additional (charge-back secure) payment options such as eWallets. The addition of eWallet payments will make it easier for “first adaptors” to purchase their first coins while being

  • Genesis Mining started partnership with Blackcoin Pool

    Genesis Mining has started a partnership with the Blackcoin Pool. When you create an account you will now be able to choose Blackcoin as payout method. You can now rent some hash and start earning Blackcoin, by doing this you will also support the price! At the moment Genesis Mining only support Scrypt Mining, but in

  • Blackcoin at the Bitcoin Chicago Conference

    Blackcoin at the Bitcoin Chicago Conference

    Blackcoin Foundation TheDoge, StGNU and Chnchapters are members from the Blackcoin Foundation that will promote Blackcoin at this event. They are also developers of the Blackcoinpool, so they will try to promote the pool aswell! BlackHalo Not only members from the Blackcoin Foundation will go to the conference, also David(Dzimbeck) and Jon will join the Blackcoin