• Bithalo, Blackhalo, and NightTrader: Revolutionary Smart Contracts Technology Now in Beta

    Central banks complain today that innovation in cryptocurrency is too quick, and business adoption is too fast, for them to prepare their laws and lay down their rules as Moses did from the high mountain. Cryptocurrencies’ response was to switch innovation to second gear by inching closer towards the implementation of smart contracts. David Zimbeck announced today

  • Blackwave Labs Active and in Development Projects

    Blackwave Labs Active and in Development Projects

    Blackwave Labs is a collective of software developers and system administrators dedicated to building enterprise-grade solutions for Blackcoin. Blackwave Labs will actively develop primarily open source solutions and contribute to the Blackcoin protocol. Blackwave Labs is looking for more developers and designers, send resume and sample work to the address below. Projects in Development Onyx

  • Blackcoin’s Proof of Stake 2.0

    Blackcoin’s Proof of Stake 2.0

    The staking giant Blackcoin recently announced that it has revamped the traditional proof of stake (PoS) algorithm and will be releasing it in their next update, calling it Proof of Stake 2.0. Some of the details of the updated version of PoS were released in Blackcoin‘s PoS protocol V2 Whitepaper (link). Among other things, the new PoS system will

  • Mandatory wallet update with PoS 2.0

    Mandatory wallet update with PoS 2.0

    IMPORTANT OFFICIAL NEWS Mandatory update v1.1.0 Changelog:If you are updating from version older than 1.0.7, blockchain will be redownloadedHardfork at block 319000 (see whitepaper)Fixed a few DoS vulnerabilitiesFixed wallet relock on sending coins when “for staking only” is activatedRelay OP_RETURN data TxOut as standard transaction type Downloads Linux 64-bit v1.1.0 Windows 32-bit v1.1.0 Mac v1.1.0

  • Open Positions in the Foundation and Addition of Research & Development

    Open Positions in the Foundation and Addition of Research & Development

    Today we are happy to announce that Steven ‘McKie’ McKie will join the BlackCoin Foundation as our newest addition. He will take up the role of ‘Research and Development Director’, previously known as Project Manager. In this role Steven McKie will perform the duties as BlackCoin’ Project Manager, which he has been doing for the

  • Blackcoin Announces ‘Proof-of-Stake Protocol v2′

    The Blackcoin Developers have announced that their coin is adopting what they are calling proof-of-stake protocol v2 in response to concerns from critics that say Proof-of-stake coins aren’t secure.   Blackcoin is one of the most exciting altcoins in the cryptospace right now. It has a 30 second confirmation time, large market cap, their BlackHalo project

  • BlackHalo Beta now available for download!

    NO MORE MIDDLEMEN - NO MORE MT.GOX - NO MORE FEAR, UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT -NO MORE “MIDDLE” COINS Trust a stranger even if they are dishonest. How? Thanks to Blackcoin and a special solution to extortion, we have not only created the worlds first decentralized smart contracting software but it will allow two parties to perform any type of contract! The Software allows for

  • Blackcoin on Expresscoin.com

    Blackcoin on Expresscoin.com

    Expresscoin.com now supports Blackcoin. Due to popular demand, we’re finally happy to announce that we’re adding more altcoins to our growing list of digital currency. Today, you can buy Blackcoin directly from expresscoin! This adds to our family of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and Dogecoin. Bring Your Own Wallet Bring your own wallet