Blackwave Labs Active and in Development Projects

Blackwave Labs is a collective of software developers and system administrators dedicated to building enterprise-grade solutions for Blackcoin.

Blackwave Labs will actively develop primarily open source solutions and contribute to the Blackcoin protocol.

Blackwave Labs is looking for more developers and designers, send resume and sample work to the address below.

Projects in Development


Onyx is an enterprise-grade online payment gateway for businesses to easily integerate Blackcoin payments into their current platforms. Onyx will provide a powerful API, along with open source plugins to easily accept Blackcoins anywhere.


BlackNode is a decentralized public address resolver. Providing a node with a signed message will allow association between public Blackcoin addresses and easy to share addresses in the [email protected] format.

Active Projects


BlackBit is a service which accepts Blackcoin payment for Bitcoin transactions, allowing you to pay any company that accepts Bitcoin quickly using your Blackcoins.

BlackBit was developed in response to critical issues reported to and ignored by Vericoin’s closed source Veribit. BlackBit is a vast improvement over the original implementation, adding new innovative features and using an open source stack. The code will be made open source after an internal code review.

Why should I use Blackbit?
Blackbit allows you to convert your blackcoins into bitcoins in one step to make it easier to make purchases with your blackcoins.

Previously you would have to move the coins to an exchange, sell them for bitcoins and finallly move those bitcoins to to their final destination.


Do you want to know more about Blackbit or try a payment yourself? Check it out on

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