CoinToPay Enables Payments In Blackcoin

One of the major concerns of doing business online – and offline – is the cost of processing transactions.

If you already have experience with processing fees, you already know what I’m talking about.

If you don’t, you’ll quickly find out that Processing Gateways, and ‘per transaction’ fees can gobble up any signs of profit you might have – especially if your business has low volume or sells relatively inexpensive items.

This is where comes in handy, especially if you’re already a Cryptocurrency enthusiast. gives merchants and clients a secure method to donate or pay for goods and services using their favorite Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DarkCoin, BlackCoin,CannabisCoin, Megacoin and HTMLCoin – among others.

Getting started with CoinToPay is pretty easy to do, since they provide HTML code to quickly install buttons for both donations and checkout purposes.

Further, they offer Cryptocurrency integration for both Shopify and Ecwid stores, so anyone that’s using these E-Commerce platforms can essentially ‘plug in’ to selling with their preferred cryptocurrency by entering some basic information about their existing storefront.

Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency Directly

Obviously, if you don’t have any cryptocurrency on hand to use, you’ll need to get some. CoinToPay has got users covered with the ability to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies directly from their website.

This streamlines the process of acquiring altcoins by skipping exchanges that typically charge fees on purchases and withdrawals.

Additionally, it gives users there the ability to sell off coins directly to others using the website.

Sell Your Own Products Or Services In The Marketplace

In the spirit of doing commerce, users can also sell products and services directly at CoinToPay’s Marketplace.

While the offerings there at the time are relatively limited at the time of this writing, some of the product categories include 3D Printing services, Cryptocoins, Professional IT Services and Gift Cards.

Multiple Wallet Services To Choose From

Just like in the real world, there is no such thing as a ‘wallet that fits every pocket’, that why CoinToPay has 4 different wallet offerings to fit the unique needs of their users.

Their Secure Cloud Hosted Wallet is a general purpose online wallet that supports major currencies with unlimited transactions.

Their Autonomy Wallet offers a partnership option and supports all Cryptocurrencies.

The Self Hosted Total Autonomy Wallet includes all services, unlimited accounts and supports all Cryptocurrencies.

The Franchise Wallet was designed for serious business and includes use of their software, White label branding, as well as Joint Venture and Financial outsourcing opportunities. All Cryptos are supported at this level.

To find out more about what CoinToPay has to offer as a payment and donation, be sure to visit their website to get started today! It’s quick and easy to do!

Source: AltcoinHerald

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