AMA with FrozenBit - Multisig online wallet with 2fa and secure staking

Hello everyone,

I am joined by Calvin Harris (CEO, FrozenBit), Cole Hudson (Public Relations, cole_frozenbit), Jeff Beaver (Lead User Interactions, BeaverCL) for the next couple days to answer all your questions regarding the exciting online secure wallet,

What is FrozenBit?

It is an online wallet with secure features including 2-Factor Authentication as well as multi signature keys which are created locally. Another exciting feature is the “Proof of Reserve” which essentially allows you to send a confirmation that a certain amount of funds are actually in your account as proof to someone else.

Why is this great for BlackCoin?

With the upcoming BlackCoin 2.0 staking security, it requires you to be connected to the internet all the time to help secure the BlockChain as well as to reap the benefits of staking the 1% interest.

The problem is, some users can not have their wallets open all the time and are afraid of putting their BlackCoin in an online wallet as it may be hacked as seen with DogeVault. With FrozenBit, this will ensure that your coins are safe as only you can have the keys to your vault.

Best way to think of it, it’s like getting a safety deposit vault from the bank where only you have the keys. Someone can break into the bank, but they can not access the vault.

The BlackCoin devs, Foundation, and myself are very excited for this service.

Also, you can donate to FrozenBit to help them upgrade their servers for BlackCoin with the following donation links:

BTC - 3K1TM1inoZXaRMiAHcBJqZbxeweHgZEcGL

BC - bSd1BxK1wfQkGg6y7Rh2uz5BibzyQ7YCtM

Post your questions on the reddit here

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