Earlier today we had a nice buy signal generated from MACD change of the Down Trend (Update 19). Now lets look at what followed and how a nice daytrade should have been executed.

Most people trying to day trade do not have the patience to wait for a proper buy or sell signa typically making too many trades with little or no profit. There are not always good opportunities for a nice day-trade but today’s market had some nice signals that made it very easy to take profit and maybe re-enter the market if you want to stay long.

In the longer rage chart (15 min) we can see the longer term downtrend Fibonacci Fan, the MACD trend change from down trend, the new uptrend Fibonacci fan support and resistance levels, and the Fibonacci Retracement support and resistance levels of the previous bounce from the low of 23.5K

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Next we see the three key resistance levels that the price was unable to break after the uptrend began.

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Now price TOP is confirmed with the following events:

1. Reached the point of the three resistances.

2. The price breaks through the resistance but makes it in low volume.

3. MACD confirms the stalling of the uptrend.

Details of short-term profit-taking and buy signal :)

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Also we see that soon after the sell off from 30K, the price stabilizes at the 50% Fibonacci Retracement, also touches the Fibonacci uptrend Fan low support line, and finally confirmed by the MACD cross over as a buy signal.

If you are long on this coin this would give you a good signal to buy it again.  If you are just a day trader you would probably wait until the NEXT clear trend develops.


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