• Blackcoin trading on VaultofSatoshi.com

    Blackcoin trading on VaultofSatoshi.com

    From now on BC/USD or BC/BTC is available on VaultofSatoshi.com Try it out to buy or sell your Blackcoins now on this website! It is confirmed on twitter: #blackcoin #zetacoin , @fluttercoin #Novacoin #Asiacoin, #emc2 #Billioncoin #Noblecoin now on @vaultofsatoshi (0.2% fee on C2C) — Vault of Satoshi (@vaultofsatoshi) May 1, 2014  

  • Crypto-currency eyes Cambodia with new terminals

    Crypto-currency eyes Cambodia with new terminals

    Written by Eddie Morton CaMBODIa is proving to be an attractive target for crypto-currencies, with one of the most recently established operators of virtual money declaring their intention to rollout terminals in Phnom Penh this year. Officials of the foundation that founded Blackcoin, a digital-currency formed in February by a Russian developer named rat4, say they have secured the purchase of two

  • Blackcoinmap.com


    Blackcoinmap.com is a new website where companies or merchants can register their websites. After they have registered their website, they will be visible on the world map. I have spoken to the developer and he was really enthusiastic about his website and the future: I put the site together after suggesting to Soepkip that I’d

  • Blackcoinpool most profitable again!

    Blackcoinpool most profitable again!

    Since Blackcoinpool.com is back online, we have the most profitable Multipool again.   As you can see, the Blackcoinpool is back online since 3 days and we have almost 170% profitablity of LTC! Click here Poolpicker.eu The Multipool lost a lot of mining power, but as it is most profitable now, we will see much more people

  • BlackCoin Is Going To Wall Street

    BlackCoin Is Going To Wall Street

    Post from IconicExpert on Bitcointalkforum:   ================= This is an outline of what my wife and I have been planning for a few weeks. Please take a few minutes to read. I have been promising something big in May, and today I have decided to present my project to the community so together we can

  • Pool Back Online After Strategic DDoS Attack

    Pool Back Online After Strategic DDoS Attack

    Over the past 48 hours the pool has been the victim of a targeted and startegic DDoS attack, including the developers on their personal IP addresses. The DDoS attacks have since been fully mitigated and StGNU has worked round the clock (literally) for the past 48 hours to resolve the issue. Payouts have been sent

  • Blackcoin’s Multipool Changed Crypto Markets

    Blackcoin’s Multipool Changed Crypto Markets

    If you’re new to trading or just got back from a long vacation may not be familiar with what a multipool is. Blackcoin, which just had one of the most successful runs in crypto currency history, owes a large part of its success to the invention of the multipool. Imagine you’re a miner. You really want

  • Blackcoinpool.com again down because of DDOS

    Blackcoinpool.com again down because of DDOS

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT REGARDING BLACKCOINPOOL.COM DOWNTIME ============================================================================== What Happened? —————————————- The server is back offline after a strategic and coordinated DDoS attack, this time with more sophistication. We had upgraded to the full-scale DDoS protection plan provided by Cloudflare, in addition to StGNU configuring his own set of anti-DDoS mechanisms however the attackers used social engineering

  • Sign to get Blackcoin accepted on Kraken.com

    Sign to get Blackcoin accepted on Kraken.com

    Prom the original post on reddit.com/kraken Hi, Would you please consider adding Blackcoin to your exchange? It is quite different from most coins being pure PoS, which is more environmental friendly than PoW. Furthermore it has a very active and quickly growing community and a large and competent dev team. It usually has one of

  • Blackcoin Mac Wallet 1.0.6

    Blackcoin Mac Wallet 1.0.6

    For those who are using Mac, update your wallet to the latest version 1.0.6 Changelog: -accounting api deprecated and disabled by default -new command getstakinginfo -fix command resendtx -new option alertnotify -new option synctime -added dns seeds, irc seeding disabled by default -unlock for staking only in gui -add menu item for locking wallet -gui: