New servers for multipool

11:28 Channel mode set to +m by @BLKDogeOfWallSt
11:28 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> POOL UPGRADED !
11:28 <@gnu_user> *** NOTICE ***
11:29 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Basically we have a scaling solution in place now
11:29 <@gnu_user> that
11:29 <@gnu_user> :)
11:29 <@gnu_user> Or I can geek out on the technicals haha
11:29 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> So we can turn down difficulty so smaller miners have a chance to mine again
11:29 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> We had to crank our diff up when our server got hammered
11:29 <@gnu_user> Yes, it’s now 128 mindiff
11:30 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> So now we can scale really easily
11:30 <@gnu_user> Redis for caching EVERYWHERE
11:30 <@gnu_user> And clustering solution which allows us to scale to EU as well in the near future
11:30 <@gnu_user> x11 you’re on the agenda too!
11:30 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> x11 You’re on notice to be noticed.
11:31 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Basically also because lower end miners should be submitting like everyone else
11:31 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Our number of miners should be showing correctly again
11:31 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> It’s based on miners submitting shares per sec
11:31 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> so when we upped min diff to 512, to reduce server load
11:31 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> it looked like we had less miners because the weaker miners were submitting eevery 40 seconds I believe instead of 10
11:31 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> So now this may also the begining of our split mining solution as well
11:32 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> we are still monitoring and heavily testing as always
11:32 <@gnu_user> Thanks all the testers
11:32 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> As soon as payouts post I will do a big news push on everything thats going on
11:32 <@gnu_user> I wish we could get a constant team of like 30 people
11:32 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> I just hate pushing news before payouts go through.
11:32 <@gnu_user> We could reward them
11:32 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> :D
11:32 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Anywho thanks for listening

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