• BlackcoinPool is running over 10 GH/s

    BlackcoinPool is running over 10 GH/s

    BlackcoinPool’s speed has been greatly improved. BlackcoinPool is most profitable for about a week now. We have already seen a boost of the mining power since the API for Poolpicker.eu has been fixed since 3 days ago. Now people can see we beat all the other multipools on profitablity! We are running over 10 GH/s scrypt normalized

  • Update to the KNC Miner promo!

    Update to the KNC Miner promo!

    Another update to the KNC Miner promo!Changes in the hashrate requirements: Originally it was 10GH/s for 15 days, this is going to change a little, including the 5GH/s promo we have promised before, the new requirements are: 5 Days of 5 GH/s* required. 5 Days of 7,5 GH/s* required. 5 Days of 10 GH/s* required

  • Community Interview: Wurlitzer

    Community Interview: Wurlitzer

    The next community member we had a interview with is Wurlitzer. Wurlitzer is doing a lot of work for Blackcoin the last weeks and we wanted to know more about him. You can read an interview with him about what projects he is doing. Ralph: So where are you from? Wurlitzer: I am from Germany, born

  • BitHalo / BlackHalo Whitepaper/Documentation is now public.

    BitHalo / BlackHalo Whitepaper/Documentation is now public.

    In order to better explain the protocol, I have quickly thrown together a website and edited my documentation and whitepaper for first draft and unofficial release. I realized it was important and it will save me time explaining so I have to publish it today on the 29th. I will make this paper public so

  • Howtobuyblackcoin.com needs content!

    Howtobuyblackcoin.com needs content!

    Maarx: Hi everyone, For all our friends, who have no idea how to buy blackcoin, the community came up with a website to hold their hand: www.howtobuyblackcoin.com This website will contain guides for every country on how to buy blackcoin there. Please check it out and help in content creation or translation! There is a

  • BlackCoin Gold Bars – now USD 52.98 inc. shipping

    BlackCoin Gold Bars – now USD 52.98 inc. shipping

    Limited Time Offer! You can now have 999.9 Fine 24K BlackCoin gold bars at USD 52.98 including shipping! That’s the best offer since we start producing BlackCoin gold bars. All you have to do is to purchase 2 pieces of 1 gram BC gold bars and join Facebook promotionwhich is extended to 15th of June. When you add 2x

  • BlackCast #3

    BlackCast #3

    News about Coinkite, PoS-v2, blockchain issues, anonimous sendings, and what makes Blackcoin better than the copycoins? Host - Jabulon Special Guest - Bryce Weiner Dev team - Vizique - TheDogeOfWallstreet- Soepkip     Due some technical issues, sound/video starts at 5 minutes. Vizique had technical issues with his microphone.      

  • Introducing BlackHalo, the First Ever Decentralized Currency Exchange

    Introducing BlackHalo, the First Ever Decentralized Currency Exchange

    Introducing BlackHalo! - Blackcoin Decentralize Exchange/SmartContract Service Project Status: Beta Funding: We are now taking donations to help expedite the porting of the system over from the soon to be complete version of BitHalo (same service, but intended for Bitcoin, now BlackCoin must be implemented into the system as well. Both services will release) This is a huge day for BlackCoin community, and a pioneering move forward for Digital Currencies everywhere! DzimBeck (A BlackCoin Community Faithful, Investor, Saint-like Programmer) has been hard at work to create a solution that will decentralize BLK and

  • “The Blackdoge of Wallstreet” launched!

    “The Blackdoge of Wallstreet” launched!

    What is “TheBlackDogeOfWallStreet“? “The Doge”™ guarantees that the bubble on average will increase by at least a 30% gain, however it can increase by much more. “The Doge”™ is the biggest whale on the market but he can’t increase the speculation value without you! Help him pump the bubble and inflate the stock price and he guarantees

  • Blackcoin on Coinkite BETA Testers Needed

    Blackcoin on Coinkite BETA Testers Needed

    Any interest in beta testing Blackcoin usage on Coinkite? We are in the final testing stages, and I can enable the Blackcoin features for specific Coinkite users. Send me a private message with your Coinkite userid and I’ll create a Blackcoin subaccount for you. Once you’ve got that you can deposit and send Blackcoin into