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  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK – Update 4

    ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 4

    TESTING 37K  - 40K - 45K FLOORS PLUS BREAK OUT 47K - 50k RESISTANCE Wow what a ride and this could continue but I chose to pause here to review the current situation. Our previous support floors where tested by a big PANIC ATTACK from the SELLERS taking a quick profit.  I believe that this

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 3

    TESTING 47 RESISTANCE AND 45K SUPPORT There has not been enough consolidation to break the 47K resistance  the volume of the last attempt did not confirm a breakout.  The last attempt was a 100 BTC try but again it fell short of my suggested volume of 200 BTC. A new support floor is forming around

  • Blackcoin T-Shirts

    Welcome BlackCoin Community. My name is SSRC. I have been an active supporter of this coin for quite some time. Im in IRC everyday and I hear all the amazing ideas community members have come up with to boost our coin and our community. So I thought to myself what it something that I can

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 2

    TESTING 40K SUPPORT The sellers are cashing in at higher prices and as a result they have taken their sales to the limit of the previous support floor of 40K. A short term double bottom has formed confirming the buying strength. See here for double bottom and double top explanations. Here is the chart

  • How to get Blackcoins?

    How to get Blackcoins? video

    Blackcoin is a PoS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency like the infamous Bitcoin. Although you can’t mine it, you can use to mine other coins (Dogecoin etc.) and get paid in Blackcoin. Credits to Zack J for sharing this How-To with us!

  • ALWAYS BET ON BLACK - Update 1

    EXCELLENT UPWARD MOMENTUM! As expected the 40K break finally came with a strong push upward (while I slept like a baby). The confirmation of this break came in with excellent volume 277 + 479 = 756 BTC which was enough momentum to take us to 47K and to establish a new support floor. The next

  • LFG: Developers & Designers for new projects

    LFG: Developers & Designers for new projects

    We have many ideas, and many projects that we want to start developing. There is a lot of work to be done and although we have a fairly big team right now we need MORE people that believe in BlackCoin and are willing to lend a hand on projects. If you know PHP, Java or

  • New servers for multipool

    New servers for multipool

    11:28 Channel mode set to +m by @BLKDogeOfWallSt 11:28 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> POOL UPGRADED ! 11:28 <@gnu_user> *** NOTICE *** 11:28 <@gnu_user> *** POOL UPGRADED WITH PERFORMANCE / STABILITY ENHANCEMENTS *** 11:29 <@BLKDogeOfWallSt> Basically we have a scaling solution in place now 11:29 <@gnu_user> that 11:29 <@gnu_user> 11:29 <@gnu_user> Or I can geek out on the technicals